The bears are coming, two-by-two!

It’s Easter and while normally that conjures images of spring lambs, cuddly chicks, the Easter Bunny and all those delicious chocolate eggs, there’s only one thing we’re thinking about… If you go down to Noah’s Ark this weekend, you’re in for a big surprise: bears!


Today we are absolutely thrilled to be officially welcoming our two new Andean bear brothers, Tupa and Sonco, into the Noah’s Ark family.

We’ve spent months building the perfect habitat for the duo and are so excited to let them free in the Andean Adventure enclosure – a two-acre enriched area that should prove to be a wonderland for the Spectacled bears. As the species is native to South America and can be found across the Andes, we made sure to make them feel right at home with special landscaped features to capture the feel of the continent – so expect lots of things to climb, caves to explore and even a stream and pool to swim in.

Which is just as well – Tupa and Sonco are both only two years’ old and came from Frankfurt Zoo in Germany, and we’ve been warned that they can be a bit of a handful… They love to climb, play and swim so hopefully we’ve provided more than enough to keep them entertained and let them exert some of that boisterous, bear energy!

We’re very privileged to be welcoming these two brothers, as Spectacled bears are actually of high conservation importance. They are listed as ‘vulnerable’ on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list, as they continue to suffer from dwindling numbers due to habitat loss and interference from human populations. They are also hunted for bush meat and are often bought and sold on the illegal pet trade market.

So for a glimpse of these rare bears and to learn more about the species and their plight, come visit our Andean Adventure this Easter holiday. You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more news, pictures and information on our latest arrivals.

Andean_Noahs Ark Zoo

We’ve also planned a whole host of fun Easter activities to keep families entertained for the full four days; think Easter egg trails, arts and crafts lessons, and LOTS of chocolate! And if the predicted Easter heatwave fails to materialise, we’ve also got 15 exciting indoor and outdoor adventure play zones and 25,000 square-feet of indoor heated public areas. For more information visit our website here.

You can also buy your tickets online for a special 5% discount and gain quicker entry to the zoo – and considering the crowds we’re expecting this Bank Holiday, getting in early might be a good idea! So come and visit the largest zoo in the south west this Easter and meet our newest family members – Tupa and Sonco can’t wait to meet you!


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