On a Wing and a Prayer

The founder of Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, Anthony Bush, describes how the trials and tribulations of setting up a zoo were regularly solved by making time for a quick prayer. This is an extract from his newly released autobiography ‘From Cows to Tigers’. You can buy the book online today.

Yesterday we had a naughty coati get out of his enclosure and climb into the 50 foot tree by the maze. We tried luring him down with food.

Not interested, so the groundsman climbed up with his tree surgeon ropes and with various sticks and ladders we tried to encourage him down.

Coati at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

A naughty coati escaped from Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm and divine intervention was needed to help capture him.

Two hours later no joy! I joined the fun and after a while realised we had not prayed. So we paused and asked God to help us get him down.

10 minutes later, trying much the same as before, he came down to the ground and promptly disappeared into two miles of maze.

It was getting dark by now. While eight keepers and work experience folk disappeared into the maze, with Holly the dog, I realised we had only asked the lord to get him down from the tree. So the two of us left by the tree prayed “Father thank you for bringing this coati down, please will you help us actually catch him now?”.

Suddenly there was a phone call from the car park to Sadie: “Have you lost a ring tailed lemur? There is one crossing the car park now?”

A parent of a work experience girl had spotted this strange animal in the near dark, 400 yards from where we thought it was. The keepers quickly ran and rounded it up by the arable barn. Where would we be without the Big Bosses’ help eh?

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