New Junior Keeper Experiences

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm is encouraging budding zoo keepers to get hands on with an array of exotic animals.

The newly launched Junior Keeper Experience allows children aged from 6-10 to meet and feed zoo animals. Junior zoo keepers can interact with animals large and small, from tiny meerkats to giant giraffes. It is a great day out with the chance to stroke the giraffes, cuddle the tapirs and weigh, feed and bathe a variety of cute reptiles.

junior keeper with giraffes

A junior keeper stroking a giraffe

Head Zoo Keeper Chris Wilkinson said: “For a number of years we’ve had lots of interest from families looking to find a special animal experience for the younger children, one which is safe and fun but where they actually get to be close to exciting zoo animals, not just rabbits and guinea pigs!

“We’re delighted to now to offer the new Junior Keeper Experience for youngsters who want to get hands-on with their favourite animals, in a safe, supervised format. We’re expecting our Junior Keeper Experiences to be very popular!”

Buying a Junior Keeper Experience online allows you and a guest full admission to the zoo for the day as well, so you can enjoy all the other wonderful attractions that Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm has such as the longest hedge maze in the world and a full working farm.

Junior Keeper Experiences

Meerkats are popular in the Junior Keeper Experiences

Junior Keeper Experiences are a great deal at only £60 per participant and make an ideal present for a child’s birthday or Christmas.
Book online today or call 01275 852606 for your child’s very own hands-on experience, Junior Keeper slots are available 9-10am Tuesday – Saturday.

Please note: The junior keeper experience involves close contact and active work with a variety of potentially dangerous animals. Participants need to listen to and obey the instructions of our Keepers at all times. This is to ensure your safety and the safety of our big zoo animals. Failure to follow zoo keeper instructions may result in the curtailment or alteration of your keeper experience without a refund.

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2 Responses to New Junior Keeper Experiences

  1. vicki pugh says:

    My 6yr old would love this…….we shall be visiting again soon as we all love the zoo farm. this will be a lovely surprise xx

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