Stunning Blonde Spotted Frolicking at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

A blond bombshell has been turning heads in Wraxall this week – a shaggy, blonde-haired Highland Cow.

Named after the movie star due to her feisty, adventurous attitude, Marilyn is certainly a looker with bright blonde hair and impressive horns.

She travelled to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm from her previous home near Birmingham on May 2 and was quickly up to mischief. The zoo is located in acres of pristine countryside and Marilyn scorned the stable that had been prepared for her and immediately hopped over the fence.

Marilyn the Highland Cow

Marilyn the Highland Cow

Her thirst for exploration took her over four other fences and on a detour across a crop field, before she was rounded up by our experienced team of zoo keepers. She is now well settled into her comfortable stable.

With over 30,000 square meters of indoor exhibits and attractions set amongst 100 acres of stunning Somerset countryside, visitors can enjoy the all-weather events and activities at the zoo as part of their visit, including a heated soft play barn and the newly extended Cafe. There are also an array of big zoo animals including local beauties like Marilyn, which makes Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm the perfect place to go for educational school trips.

Our zoo can be found just outside of Bristol and only minutes from the M5 motorway, open Monday – Saturday 10:30am – 5:00pm.

For more information about the animals, entry prices and events at Noah’s Ark, visit our zoo website or phone 01275 852606.

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