Sending Cows to Africa

In his new autobiography, Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm owner Anthony Bush describes how he decided to start up the ‘Send a Cow’ to Africa charity. Through his life experience so far Anthony had become convinced that his next challenge should be to send British dairy livestock and technology to East Africa.

“I had learned the importance of marketing in Mission England so we printed leaflets and decided to hold a press day for our amazing and exciting venture! The first one was in March at Moat House Farm, when our son Caspar held a suitcase in one hand and led a cow in the other to announce ‘Cows going on holiday to warm Africa.’

A Ugandan vet was present to tell us how valuable cows would be and how well they did in Africa. It was soon after Band Aid’s Bob Geldof had been berating governments for ignoring the plight of Africans and it seemed there were a good few people around who wanted to help a good idea for Africa.

send a cow

Anthony Bush started the send a cow to Africa charity.

For the next press day our first cows, all 2-3 year old heifers seven months pregnant, had arrived two weeks earlier at Gerald’s farm for quarantine and testing. So these were all paraded by their donors on July 4 in a blaze of publicity with sun hats on, ribbon necklaces and with a banner saying ‘To Uganda with love’.

The local vicar prayed with us for the cows. Then they drove us off by lorry to Gatwick where the cows were loaded into crates, five standing side-by-side, and lifted into a Boeing 707 and took off for Entebbe airport. Send a Cow was on its way!”

Read more about Mr Bush’s incredible life and the charity ‘Send a Cow’ which still makes a real difference to the lives of ordinary Africans. You can buy his new autobiography online.

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