Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm Proves Popular Amid The Deluge

A Bristol zoo is living up to its name by attracting visitors despite the rainy weather.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm takes it inspiration from the seminal Biblical story about the Great Flood, and has an array of exotic animals and farm animals paired up within the farm enclosures.

While many South West attractions have struggled during the recent spell of bad weather, Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm still makes for a great day out with extensive indoor play areas including a large heated indoor soft play barn.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm has been in the news recently with Bristol media seeking light-hearted comment. Both Radio Oxford and BBC radio Bristol interviewed staff of the zoo in Wraxall, which has a scale model of Noah’s Ark in an exhibition room for visitors.

Zoo director Anthony Bush gave his take on the biblical story and described amusing animal tales, topics which he goes into in more detail in his new autobiography From Cows to Tigers: Building Noah’s Ark.

south west attractions

Visitors are still heading to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm despite the rainy weather...

The timing is also amusing as Paramount Pictures have just confirmed the production ‘Noah’, a big budget version of the Noah’s Ark story, directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe.

If the rain continues why not pop in to see our collection of big zoo animals including big cats, rhinos and giraffes? We are also popular for those who want to try their hand at being zoo keeper for a day, or schools who want to organise educational school trips.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm is located just outside of Bristol, only minutes from the M5 motorway. We are open Monday – Saturday 10.30am – 5pm.

For more information about the animals, entry prices and events at Noah’s Ark, visit or phone 01275 852 606.

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