Ducklings Nuzzle into Labrador Dog at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

Fluffy golden runner ducks had no sooner been born at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm than they made an equally golden friend in the form of Barley the old farm Labrador.

Ducklings at the petting zoo

Ducklings with Barley the Labrador

Our zoo farm in Wraxall is a wonderful place to be in springtime as all types of animals come together, from the domestic to the exotic, to celebrate the warmer weather.

Lambs, piglets and ducklets all frolicked amongst the daffodils and basked in the sunshine last weekend as March got off to a great start.

Ruby and Rosie played around the medieval moat which surrounds the farmhouse, all amidst the spectacular surroundings of the largest outdoor zoo in the South West.


See Ruby and Rosie on your school trips

Newly rescued Pippa the piglet, who had been given to the zoo after being found wandering alone on a golf course, has now been rejuvenated and is eating healthily. She has a new lease of life and is
very popular with children who come to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm for educational school trips.

The new arrivals can all be seen during a visit to the zoo, with some featuring as part of the daily Animal Show which is available to the public and school trip groups.

A list of seasonal events can be found on the zoo’s website, including the Easter Celebration being held on Saturday, April 7.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm is just outside of Bristol, only minutes from the M5 motorway. We are open Monday – Saturday 10:30am – 5:00pm.

For more information about the animals, entry prices and events visit the Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm website or phone 01275 852606.

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