Endangered Rhinos Need Your Help

The International Rhino Foundation has made an impassioned plea for more support as we reach the end of 2011.

It has been a bad year for these magnificent animals as sub species of the Black Rhino and the Javan Rhino went extinct in western Africa and Vietnam respectively.

Furthermore while 400 rhinos have been killed in South Africa this year alone, only 3% of the rhino poachers have been convicted.

black rhinos

Rhinos are an endangered species

Rhino anti poaching rangers are faced with a difficult and underfunded job. Thousands of them are doing the best that they can without the most basic supplies such as tents or binoculars.

On the other hand the poaching gangs are highly sophisticated and this high earning business has provided them with everything from light aircraft to machine guns. Faced with these odds the rhinos barely have a hope.

The poachers can make large amounts of money on the black market from buyers who mistakenly believe that rhino horn has medicinal properties. The horn is in fact made of keratin but thanks to their ignorance rhino horn can fetch a greater price that gold in certain Asian markets.

Not only does this high demand put the lives of the rhinos in danger, but the brave anti-poaching rangers who literally put their lives on the line as they try and stop the massacres from occurring.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm is also committed to the welfare of Rhinos and you can visit our website to make a donation to the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria Save the Rhinos campaign, one of the foremost rhino conservation societies.

Noah’s Ark is also home to Rumba and Rumbull, a male and female rhino who are currently trying to mate.

If you want to experience what it is like to feed and care for rhinos, why not apply to us to become a zoo keeper for the day and see these huge animals grazing on our massive farm zoo enclosure?

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One Response to Endangered Rhinos Need Your Help

  1. Not enough is being done to combat this scourge. The SA government is too greedy and too stupid to do anything about this. While we think there are thousands of people out there doing the work, 360 rangers from Kruger National are out on strike, demanding wage parity. Meanwhile 135 Rhino are reported to have been poached so far in 2012.

    While the CEO of SANPARKS is more concerned about building hotels in our National Parks, the poaching is reaching critical levels. Donations to SANPARKS are in my opinion, monies ill spent. Instead of wasting the tax payers money on flawed environmental impact assessments and jetting around the world to see how everyone else does it, the CEO should focus on his mandate and conserve nature and end the Rhino poaching crisis.

    The above is my conclusion based on articles read and current problems that the CEO is apparently unable to solve and I think it’s time he stepped down as CEO of SANPARKS.

    I belong to a forum where anyoneis invited to join to debate these and other pressing problems involved with nature conservation. We also share collective knowledge and have many informative topics on all the nature reserves in SA.

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