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Farm Zoo Animals Go Mad for Pumpkins

While candy is the precious commodity that children are seeking when they dress up for Halloween, animals can also get into the spooky spirit. In zoos across the world, zoo keepers have taken the chance to mark the occasion by … Continue reading

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Birds of Different Feathers Flock Together

The saying ‘birds of a feather flock together’ was disproved this week by an unusual friendship at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. The farm zoo located in Wraxall, Bristol, is home to both exotic big zoo animals and the smaller UK … Continue reading

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Toronto Zoo Up For Sale

The potential takeover of a zoo by an amusement park has led to public uneasiness. The Toronto Zoo in Canada has got to this stage because it has been running at a £20 million loss, which means that the local … Continue reading

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Elephant Sanctuary in California Welcomes Retirees

Three elderly elephants at the Toronto Zoo will be moved to a sanctuary in California. The decision was made with the approval of the Toronto city council which tried to take the best interests of the elephants, Thika, Toka and … Continue reading

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Tiger Cubs Born at Taronga Zoo

On a day when the guardian newspaper reported that the Javan rhino has been driven to extinction in Vietnam there was at least some good news. It came in the form of three newly born Sumatran tigers at the Taronga … Continue reading

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Big Zoo Animals Massacred in America

America’s shockingly lack lustre laws on the importing of exotic animals were exposed this week when police in Ohio were forced to kill dozens of escaped big zoo animals. The massacre took place in Muskingum County after the owner of a … Continue reading

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Europe’s Largest Elephant Enclosure

Imagine a five-star spa hotel for elephants with health food, a 9 foot deep swimming pool and 20 acres of roaming space. Welcome to Elephant Eden. Elephants are probably the trickiest of the big zoo animals to accommodate in captivity. … Continue reading

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